Sunday, 31 July 2011

Topshop Grey Animal Racer Back Maxi

Sunglasses / Clutch / Earrings - All Topshop 
Bracelet - WhiteStuff

Got this beauty from Topshop for £50 . I read a review on the Topshop website which completely summed up the way I felt about this dress . . . Saw this dress on the website and liked it but didnt love it. Went in store and tried it on. It is gorgeous! Got it for a wedding. Fits lovely, feels elegant but still with an edge. LOVE it! . . . So you have to try it on really to fall in love with this dress, don't judge it to quickly .

It can be dressed up with some brightly coloured accessories to make it pop or dressed down for day to day wear with neat hair .

Faith Statement Flip Flops


I first saw these flip flops in Look magazine and went on the hunt for a pair . I have two pairs now as they get so dirty so quickly and I was scared of something happening to the first pair so I brought a second . Currently on sale at Debenhams in Faith for £20 from £25 , either way a bargain for these statement shoes ! Give them toes some TLC with those bright summer varnishes and whack those flops on !

Saturday, 30 July 2011

July 1000+ Views & 10 Followers



So I have been here a month . . . Thank you to my followers (even though one of them is me , it was an accident and I don't no how to unfollow myself ?) .

I started this blog this July to share my love of many things with anyone who would want to take a peek , so spank you to all of you who have viewed so far (and thanks if you have only just dropped by) . Your daily views make me smile and your comments make me feel like I am getting somewhere .

Look out for my many other post on the way , I hope you like them and comment on what you see .

Hope you are all having a beautiful weekend .

And like from my first post follow to show the love

Topshop Bright Pink Suede Ruched Clutch


I adore this new clutch (I have a thing for clutch bags at the moment) . It's real suede so nice & soft and a beautiful classic pink colour . I think this one will be super nice to clash with , will stand out a treat . It's available in over colours , like violet and black , still online at £32 .

But this clutch was a pure mission to get my hands on . I saw it in Norwich but didn't buy it because it was £32 . Days after daydreaming about it , even losing sleep over it , I rung Norwich who no longer had it . I then presisted to ring 10+ branches who also didn't have it . I then rung Chelmsford , who also didn't have any but tracked me one down . . . one in NORWICH , who previously told me they didn't have it ! AND it was in the sale at £15 (also not marked down in the Norwich branch) . 

This was amazing customer service from a Louise in Chelmsford . I know (from experience) Topshop can be known for their bad customer service (NOT ALL TOPSHOPS) but on this occassion I could not fault the girl . So Thank you Louise . I'd like to hear of other people experiences .

Also proves if you try hard enough you can track what you want down !

Friday, 29 July 2011

Love Chloé

Love , Chloé is a feminine , elegant and multifaceted fragrance that will seduce an assertive and sophisticated lady.

Love Chloé is most definitely not a perfume I would usually go for because it is such a sophistcated scent . It is like something my nan would wear , if you look at the base notes you'll see talc so I think this is why . But there is something about it that Chloé has made more wearable for people under sixty . I would really only ever wear it in the evening though because of it's musky scent , if you smell it you'll understand what I mean . I love how vintage the bottle is with the colour and shape . This is what drew me to this perfume , how vintage Love Chloé is but how easy it is to wear . I would not recommend to anyone who likes to wear more fruity/fresh scents .

Heart notes - Iris Absolute , Lilac , Wisteria Blossom , Heliotropine
Top Notes - Orange Blossom , Pink Pepper .
Base Notes - Talc , Rice Powder
Scent - Floral 
Feel - Sensual 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

In My Handbag

I love having a good rummage through other peoples handbags , suitcases , makeup bags and draws . It is like looking in your christmas stocking . So I've emptied my huge handbag out for you to see what stuff I carry around on a day to day basis .


Topshop Sunnies
Bonjela . Just Incase
Wooden Heart . Stone Heart In My Purse
Ted Baker Purse
Thierry Mugler Alien
iPhone 4 . Pink Case From eBay
Two Mac Lipsticks . Pink Plaid / Vegas Volt
l'occitane Lavender Hand Cream
Cocoa Butter Vaseline Lip Therapy
Prada Makeup Bag . RampantSporting & Mac Badges
(Handbag is also from Topshop)

Thank You For Having A Nosey

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hair Donut

This thing looks like something from the 80's and I when I got it on from a cheap makeup store I was like is this really going to work ? It's a donut ?! But I'd wanted one for a while after seeing it used in a magazine . So I was sat in the car with my mother on the way home from shopping , with my hair lucky already in a ponytail and I was dying to see what it would look right there and then .


I put my ponytail through the centre on the donut and separated my hair in two . Then wrapped pieces of hair over and under the donut , securing it with bobby pins . EASY ! It created a big bun with barely any hair . Make sure you pick the right colour donut for your hair colour as it may be a little visable .


This is my new most favourite thing . Purely because it creates something so stylish from something so simple . And because it will give my hair a well needed rest . You can give your hair a little blow-dry from wet then there is no need for hot hair straighteners . Just pin away at your bun .

Monday, 25 July 2011

AW 2011 Elle Collections


The Elle Collections' is a thing of such beauty and when that time of year comes around again we all get our knickers in a twist . It's glossy plastic hard cover firm beneath your fingertip begging to be dived into , to adventure into all that's new , set to trend and so exciting . The smell of those crisp fresh papers makes you grin to yourself . Then there is the heartbreak as you reach the final paper , but the joy as you start from the beginning again . 

This issue holds all the seasons delicious collections , a feast for your eyes . Kate Moss on the Louis Vuitton Fall runway spreads across the cover . Also interviews with Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang . I suggest anyone with that passion for fashion to go and pick yours up now . 

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse 1983 - 2011


So , on Saturday 23rd of July at around 5pm we all started to hear of Amy Winehouse's death , at the age of just 27 . Now at 8.30pm we are being told her death was , yes , due to a drug overdose . This I know has not shocked any of us but I am disgusted by what I am seeing all over the internet about her death and I dare say we will be seeing all kinds of stuff over the next few days . At the end of the day we all knew of her colourful past but she was someones daughter , friend and just a human being .

I will always remember Amy for taking tea and Jaffacakes to a group of paps outside her house one evening , the video on YouTube of her and Pete Doherty playing with baby mice and her hundreds of pairs of ballet pumps .

What Amy Winehouse should be remember for is her amazing music - because that is what she was firstly famous for and she was bloody good at it !
(Ooh and that Beehive and big black liner flick)

Below is my favorite song of Amy's . What is yours ?

Rest In Peace Amy

Stella In Two . Peony

So I will be posting on my large perfume collection every now and then and first to make the cut is a Stella McCartney scent . This one has to be my all time favorite after finding it in my cousin chelsea's smellys . It would appear it is no longer available is many perfume and department stores but it is available from eBay and Amazon if you are interested . It is a very wearable scent as the floral makes it easy to wear during the day but also with musky scents from the amber and cedar wood it is wearable in the evening too .


Stella In Two is a delicate, floral and contrasted scent. The top notes are of light and sparkling freshness with pink peony spiced up with black pepper. The base notes are a blend of amber, cedar wood and patchouli, giving a more masculine yet sexy signature.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Ecru / Ivory Beige

I picked up a new bottle of foundation on Saturday because I needed a new Shade to match my fake tan .

I swear by Double Wear because as it is such an amazing foundation (if you use it then you will no what I am talking about) . After using for example MAC Studio Fix , Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup and Bourjois Healthy Mix , I find Double Wear goes on even and lasts all day , I don't get it all over my clothes and it doesn't break me out , unlike the few stated above .
  • It is matte
  • It gives a buildable full coverage
  • Lasts all day and does not rub off
It is £26.50 a bottle but I always get matched , take a sample , try it out then go back and buy the full size bottle . So if you just want to give it a try then go to your local counter and ask them if they could match you up and get a sample to try it out before you buy .
      Only flaws it is a tad stiff to apply so you need to warm it on the back of your hand and apply it quickly . Also it does not come with a pump but the MAC foundation pump will fit this bottle .


      Ecru / Ivory Beige

      Friday, 22 July 2011

      Superdrug Launch TOWIE V.I.Y* Kit

      *Vajazzle It Yourself ! 

      I loved this when I saw it in the paper today as I am a fan on The Only Way Is Essex . You have to have a giggle .
      Well Done Superdrug !


      Superdrug is launching cosmetics, including a 'DIY Vajazzle kit', for lovers of the living soap starring Mark Wright, Lauren Goodger, Sam Faiers and Kirk Norcross. The range will also include lip gloss, mascara, "Be Reem" perfume for men and a mini-bronzer.

      The word 'vajazzle' was used by beautician Amy Childs to describe adding decorative jewels after a bikini wax. A TOWIE fashion range including dresses, shoes, hats and nightwear is also planned. 
      Lets keep our eyes open for this one then .

      Thursday, 21 July 2011

      GlossyBox Swaps

      After looking through many blogs at Glossybox posts , I have noticed people not being impressed with some of the contents they receive each month , but then other people loving it . Mainly because different boxes contain different bits and pieces .

      May I suggest a GlossyBox swap . Where people swap the contents from their boxes ? Be it just a swap of colour or the whole sample .

      Feel free to comment below advertising your unwanted samples . Or maybe advertise on your own page .

      I might post something like this each month after we have recieved our monthly GlossyBox , depending on if anyone likes the idea . 

      LOVES . x .

      OPI - Nice Stems - I Lily Love You



      I picked this up from Jarrods this week after regreting not buying it last time I saw it and not being able to find it online . 
      • TIP Always buy what you love when you see it as you will only kick yourself when it is to late and out of stock FOREVER !
      This one is I Lily Love you from the Nice Stems collection . It is perfect for that summer sunshine (that we have not seen yet) . It is a clear pink colour full of glitter flecks which catch the light .

      My First GlossyBox


      Finally my first GlossyBox is here . It arrived this morning in the post .

      I was completely gob smacked when I opened the package to find THREE full size samples , although it does state 'The products you recieve this month pack quite a punch... Please do remember that GlossyBox is a Luxury sample and product miniature subscription service. Whenever possible, we are happy to place full-size in GlossyBox. We hope you appreciate it when you recieve them, with expecting it to be a regular feature.'

      I did see from a few blogs that other boxes contained differend samples but by the same brand .

      Ciate Nail Enamel
      From the ergonomically designed bottle, the deliberately long cap for ease of use and the 250 bristle flat brush for long lasting, full coverage: Ciate takes exceptional care to make applying their beautiflul enamel colours a pleasure. Formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene free.

      Illamasqua Powered Metal in Ester
      Powered Metal creates anything from a subtle sheen to and extreme metallic finish on face and body. The Shimmering pale gold adds rediance to bronzed skin, and highlights your skin where applied.

      Orla Kiely Eua De Parfum
      A charming debut fragrance by the acclaimed designed, the eponumous fragrance's light floral notes, with natural extracts of rose geranium and bergamot, are subtly balanced with fresh fig and a hint of chocolate.

      Ultra Sun Face 30
      Ultrasun's special Liposome Formula protects skin from UV induced ageing. Apply it once a day for water-resistant sun protection that moisturizes, too. Perfect for face, neck and hands, formulated without emulsifers, fragrance or oil to reduce prickly heat.

      Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil
      Weleda Pomegrante Regenerating Body Oil contails only pure plant oil. Rich in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidising vitamins, slathers on this oil for more elastic, hydrated, smooth and supple skin . Suitable for vegans. 

      For just £10 (+2.95 Postage) I would definately recommend subscribing . 

      P.s I am now also happy to announce I now own my first piece of Illamasqua !

      Urban Decay Naked Palette

      I thought it would be highly appropriate to write a post about the Urban Decay Naked Palette . . . It is a be must do and I would not of purchased mine if it was not for the dozens of blogs and YouTube videos I saw raving about it .

      NAKED I

      Virgin / Sin / Naked / Sidecar / Buck / HalfBaked / Smog / DarkHorse / Toasted / Hustle / Creep / GunMetal

      Obviously I love it . . . we all love it . Although you would think a twelve pan , nude , brown and beige palette would be a tad dull , you could not be more wrong . They all blend with each other so beautifully . I can't say enough how much I love using it and I am sure you all feel the same . My other half picked mine up from House Of Fraser for just £32 , great value for all that you get . I know these do tend to sell out pretty quickly but I had no problem getting one . They are available online at House Of Fraser or Debenhams .

      NAKED II

      The palette also came with the 'Good Karma' eyeshadow brush and a mini eyeshadow primer potion . I had never used the primer potion before but seeing as it was the little extra with the palette I thought I'd give it a go . WOW ! I will never put my makeup on without it ever again ! I usually put my makeup on at about 8am and when I go to take it off at around 9pm its still all in place , not a crease . Amazed . "Potion" . . . a little bit of magic for sure ! I loved it that much I went and brought myself a full-size version for when the mini one runs out . I am not a fan of the old shape bottle because the print rubs off and it's difficult to judge how much is left so I was super happy Urban Decay have rethought the packaging and come out with a new little squeezable tube making life a little easier . Plus 10% extra potion . There are a few new shades of the primer potion but I chose to stick with what I know .

      Photographs recycled from

      Tuesday, 19 July 2011

      Free Jack Wills Tee . . . Yes Please !

      My local Jack Wills are currently being visited by the Seasonnaire pair Amber & Joe . 


      Because the lovely Aldeburgh is a seasonal town their arrival is perfect timing because they have a fun packed summer planned for us .

      26/07/11 Fabulously British cinema experience @ Jack Wills 174 High Street
      13/08/11 Carnival Weekend 
      18/08/11 Aldeburgh Yacht Club Reagatta Week . Closing Party + Special Guest DJ (18+)


      And if you get down to the Aldeburgh branch between July - August and track down Amber & Joe and the Jack Wills Landy you can get your hands on a free tee & sunnies . Ask nicely and go have a rummage through their SALE !

      Also catch any updates on the official Aldeburgh Twitter .

      Sunday, 17 July 2011

      Nadine Coyle

      I had to share my love for this picture with you all after I saw it in Saturdays The Sun newspaper . 
      Nadine's makeup here is absolutely AMAZING with all the purple tones . . . I will be having a go at this look because I am that much in love with it .  

        Nadine Coyle is going to desperate lengths to secure some solo success. The Girls Aloud star was barely recognisable when she played a tiny gig in New York last night, looking more like a strip joint employee than a singer. She underwent a jaw-dropping style overhaul ahead of her show at the Splash club, and it's unlikely many fashion critics will give her sexed-up appearance the thumbs up. Gone were the straight locks, replaced with a voluminous afro and a novelty plastic party hat.


      Thursday, 14 July 2011

      Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles

      Usually I just go into Lush to smell and touch everything because I don't really bath as I never have the time . You have to go in there though because the smell pulls you in from the other end of the high street .

      I was eyeing something up for my other half as he plays football and is always complaining on aches and pains so I decided to make a purchase this time . 


      The spicy, tingly muscle-soothing bar with aduki beans for a deeper rub. The Wiccy Magic Muscles Bar is the one for sorting out aching muscles. The first time you use one of these, it feels very strange, as if a very small radiator has been turned on inside the part of your body you just massaged.

       Cinnamon leaf oil is a brownish-yellow oil, which has a warm, rich and spicy aroma. Commonly used to fight feelings of depression, weakness and exhaustion, it has many other properties, including being an antiseptic, antibiotic and analgesic. Aduki beans are like firm fingertips working to relieve muscle pain and tension. They help to stimulate areas where circulation is slow and work well with the warming effects of the other ingredients.


      It smells absolutely amazing , like Christmas because of the cinnamon . The small aduki beans works a treat rubbing over your skin . When I heated the bar within my hands lots of oil was left in my hands and lasted for AGES . I reckon the bar is going to last for a while . It does exactly what Lush say is does .

      Next time I am near a Lush I will be popping in to try out the other massage bars .

      Wiccy Magic Muscles Handmade Massage Bar


      I was just on the LOOK magazine website and I spotted a piece on "TanGO - A New Fake Tan Essential" .
      So yeah I was interested and I went to their UK website which said . . .

      The tanGO® cloth is the world’s first spray and self tan removal cloth….NO harsh chemicals, just add water. tanGO® removes tanning errors and helps keep your tan looking perfect for longer.

      tanGO® is a specially formulated polyamide cloth, which gently removes the tanning pigment from the surface of your skin without all the harsh scrubbing or the use of chemicals. Perfect for use as a self tan or spray tan remover.

      tanGO® is the reusable and environmentally friendly spray tan remover that is a must have for every tanning enthusiast.

      I am sceptical about it to be honest . I have a patch where my bra straps sit that my fake tan sticks to and it drives me nuts . My exfoliating gloves and exfoliating body wash won't remove it , even with a good scrub so I do not see how a cloth will do any different . And at £21.95 I don't think I'll be taking the risk .

      I will be Keeping my eyes open for your reviews though .

      Topshop Feather Earrings


      Grabbed these from Topshop on Tuesday and thought you'd like to have a look .
      They are so cute in a Caramel colour . Only £6.50 .  Available online .

      Sunday, 10 July 2011

      Brush Storeage


      I am terrible for putting my brushes back in their belt after I have used them so I was looking for another way to store them . I had this old sweet jar which needed a new home . You can pick these kind of jars up from old fashion sweet shops . I have seen jars full of sweets in Debenhams . . . you'll just have to eat all those sweeties first : ]

      Just Because I Love My River Island Top

      While on my Ruby & Millie hunt on Saturday I popped into River Island and this was the first and only thing I saw and brought because I've about had enough of their ruddy sale 
       (and all the other old sales EVERY WHERE) . I love the vintage color , the silk fabric and the cut . Looks better tucked in because it does hang a bit and because of the material it sticks to your hippies .
      And it was only £20 .  


      Getting Lucky At Boots

      So as I said I was going to do I hit Boots on Saturday in search for the remains of Ruby & Millie and it was pretty bleak to be honest . Most of what was left had finger prints in it (use the testers people) and was all mixed up .


      I did get on hands on a Face Gloss in Yellow C20 .
      Swatched for you below (on aweful fake tan hand) .


      And the best part . . . the brushes are all in a separate section to the Ruby & Millie counter and Boots had failed to mark any of these down in price . I grabbed one and headed to the till , where the cashier scanned it through and it was infact 75% off . Hooray . So I grabbed all I wanted and off I went with a big grin on my face .

      So if you are anywhere near Boots in Ipswich GET DOWN THERE NOW .

      Melissa . x .

      Friday, 8 July 2011

      Ruby & Millie


      Clearly I live in my own little world as I had not noticed Ruby & Millie was being withdrawn from Boots after being stocked by them for 13 year ! Although it has been said Ruby will be going solo and doing her own line soon . Look out for that .

      I have really missed out this time though I quess . Boots were selling all Ruby & Millie in a 75% off sale . I no there are still a few bits online and I will have a look when I go to Boots tomorrow . Well done you if you get your hands on some . . . and if you do get yourself well stocked up .

      Bye Bye Ruby & Millie . x .

      T . G . I . F

      It is of course Friday 
      & I hope this makes you all smile as much as I did this morning when I heard it on my way into work .
      Thank You Katy Perry .

      Thursday, 7 July 2011

      Just A Little Like


       Topshop Navy Grandad Shirt £35 

      New in this week 

      To buy or not to buy ?

      Red Lips


      Looking through Elle The Runway Edit today I locked on to the Hot Looks for NewYork .

      Saying "Mood Of The City . Polished beauty dominated NYC with crisp , crimson-red lips and effortless , chic updos in abundance . Full , handsome brows featured , too , adding a steely strength to faces" .

      Red lips are my favourite statement .

      I like to be completely naked faced and just wearing red lippy (a bit of Mac Russian Red). It never fails to make me feel glamorous and sexy . No matter how you are feeling just a little bit of lipstick can make you feel amazing .

      Go put your favorite lippy on now and see how it makes you feel . . . Pass the tip around . 

      I ♥ Tan !


      I find a lot of people are afraid of fake tan because of those scary pictures we see of 'tangoed' celebrities in gossip magazines . Not all self-tans are orange . . . pick the right one and you can't go wrong . St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse comes tops for me . The coverage and price pull me back in every time .It is exactly the same as the St Tropez mousse but at a fraction on the price . At the rate you can go through at bottle of tan the cheaper the better . St Moriz is only £2.99 ! Available online or from TJ Hughes , Tesco and Savers . So give it a go .


      Make sure you always exfoliate before applying your tan , to remove any dry dead skin because the tan loves to stick to your dry patches .
      Use a tanning mit for getting the mousse all over . It also buffs the tan to reduce chances of streaking (although even using a glove which St. Moriz I get no streaks) .
      Personally I like to apply every 2-3 days to keep the tan dark .
      The smell is not as bad as most , I moisturize before & after tanning so any smell is covered .
      I'd recommend lots of moisturiser because St. Moriz can make ur skin feel a little dry .
      Sleep on a towel if your worried about ruining your bed sheets.

      My Ugly Nails

      I use to have acrylic nails done every 2-3 weeks without fail for three years . . . But about two months ago I took the leap and took them off .

      My lovely friend Bexx's dad gave me some pure acetone from his garden shed (don't do this at home by the way , unless you know what you are doing) and off I set for "The Removal" . It took me ages . Firstly I cut my nails right down , quite abit of the acrylic chipped off . Then I dipped fingertip sized pieces of cotton wool into the acetone , rested the wet piece over the nail then wrapped the nail in square of tin foil . You should leave for 30ish minutes then remove the gooey acylic with an orange stick .


      This only worked for me a little so I few days later after giving my fingers a rest , I held my fingertips in a bowl with the remained of the acetone and chipped away again . The thinnest layer of acrylic was left and over the next couple of days it pinged off .


      Now I use OPI Nail Envy to try and strengthen my poor little paper thin nails . I can safey say they are getting stronger but not what they were years ago , they are still soft but the Nail Envy hardens them enough that they don't break every time I tap them . I should layer on Nail Envy twice a day but I usually just put it on every other day and it works for me . I also use Avoplex oil by OPI for my cuticles , it's got a nice sweet fruity smell to it . Your OK to put any nail polish over Nail Envy .

      Tuesday, 5 July 2011

      MAC Semi Precious Collection

      How excited are all you MAC lovers huh ? ! 

      Yes I have just spotted that MAC have launched their Semi Precious Collection online for the UK the same day as it launched in the US . And yes I am jumping around going doolally , you know you are too . Thought I was going to have to wait awhile to purchase but maybe not .


      MAC say - We can all admire a girl with a 30-carat diamond. But the new dazzle is Semi-Precious. Gems that are rare in spirit, rich in substance and worn fluidly, on the skin. In MAC Semi-Precious, four finely milled gems – bronzite, black tourmaline, gold pyriate, and lilac lepidolite – bring their own earthy an spiritual affluence to three key elements of the mineralize collection: eyeshadows, skinfinish, and blush. Setting them off: a collection of colour, two mineralize skincare formulas, and four new limited-life split fibre brushes. Like everything this precious, these elements start off rare, and tend to get rarer… get rich while you can!

      MAC has to be my absolute fave (as you'll soon see) . . . so we are adding all of this to the shopping cart : ] then waiting for that little black box to arrive .

      Me & My Blog . . . WELCOME

      First blog ever and very first post . . . nervous ? YES !

      Here it is and here it goes .

      I am , like all beauty bloggers obviously obsessed with makeup (and clothes and hair and anything worth blogging about) . . . so therefore that will be the purpose of my blog . LETS GET CRACKING !

      I hope you all like it a lot and continue to come back and see whats new .

      Hugs & Slugs

      Melissa . x .

      P.s Follow to show the love ♥
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