Saturday, 20 August 2011

How Does Rapunzel Do It ?

My hair is all kinds of nightmares , extremely dry, with split ends and shorter than I'd like it because it is so dead ! Either I start looking after my bleach blonde head of hair or I am going to have to go for a less aggressive form of dying and a new colour . So while I was picking up the new VO5 Nourish Me Truly shampoo/conditioner for Damaged Hair I thought I grab the Miracle Concentrate Elixir with Argan Oil to go with it , as I had seen it on Fleur De forces blog as one of her seven of the best to test . It says on the bottle Been searching for that wonder product that will sort all of your hair woes? After reading that I was sucked in .

 I am a fan of this beauty ! The little bottle is the perfect size to just throw in your handbag and use when needed to calm those fizzy ends in an emergency . It smells lush , it reminds me of the Avon classic Far Away which my Nan used to buy me when I was a kid . It leaves your hair smelling pretty , people had commented on my hair smelling good  after using this . I have not used it many times yet but it does leave my beaten hair soft to the touch . Every little bit helps so I'll continue to use this one to try and help my hair recover .

These two also smells yummy , leaving my hair super soft and silky . Hopefully this along with the Argan Oil will turn things around for my hair . 

Does anyone recommend a shampoo & condition for dry damaged hair ?

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mavala Making You Fingers & Toes Sparkle

You could not ask for a better bargin . . . these little beauties are on sale at Debenhams for just £16 from £32 , saving you £16 and making each vanish just £2 . Find them here . There is a colour for everyone , with the pastel colours , pearl shimmers and a beautiful bright red which everyone should have as their statement colour . I have sampled my favorite colours for you to see , they apply really well and look so cute . WE SHOULD ALL HAVE A COAT ON VANISH ON AT ALL TIMES , CLEAR OR COLOUR , GET IT ON . I think Mavala don't get enough praise for their amazing colours so give them ago and see what you think .

  • Mexico - Deep Purple
  • Darling Pink - Dark Pink With Purple Pigments
  • Party Time - Bright Red
  • Milky - Coral
  • Simplicity - Pearl Shimmer
  • Lagoon - Turquoise
  • Violette - Lilac
  • Liberty - Nautral Beige

Sunday, 7 August 2011

So Pretty In The Pink


Katy Perry debuted her new pretty little pink head on Monday while dashing out and about in LA with her other half .
 WOW ! I don't reakon it is going to be staying because Katy has been changing her hair abit lately but I still love it and wanted to see what she does with it . If I could then I would because I think this washed out pink looks amazing , especially with that dress and her skin tone . The problem with bright colour dyes like this are the fade . Secretly we'd all like to try bright pink , red , purple or blue hair but it is just not practical for day to day life .

I also love the below as well . It is not such a big leap and you can add so many colours . It looks so cute on blonde shades which makes it easier to dye , the colour will come out brighter over bleach .


Black & Yellow . Black & Yellow . Black & Yellow

Sorry loves for not posting for a week , it has been a mad one with work , friends and hitting the beach with this nice weather we are now having , we have to make the most of it after all ! Still no glowing bronze tan though sadly .

So I have just put together a few gorgeous pieces of jewellery I have had  my eyes on this week because payday has just come around again . They are all linked so if you like what you see you can grabs few bits to .





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