Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Calm Before The Storm

So I lied . . . I'm bored and waiting for my grandparents to get here for the wedding tomorrow and I have run out on stuff to sort for our holiday so I thought sod it I'll post on the things it got in town yesterday .

I got some super yummy smelling seaweed mattifying moisturizer from The Body Shop . I love the Seaweed range and the sales assistant said she uses it so clearly I then had to buy it . I put it on my face every chance I get ! Treat your face with a little TLC . That's why I got the eye make-up remover as I usually just use my Tesco cucumber wipes for my eyes , but I find when using Urban Decay Primer Potion I need something presificly for my eyes to remove the primer and shadow .

Cuties from Topshop .

I ♥ this jumper ! From River Island for £40 .
Ring is vintage from a antique shop .

I'd run out on my Bourjois Volumizer Mascara so needed a new one and I had to tell you about it . I first heard Tanya Burr meation this in one of her videos saying how much she loves it so I went and got one to see what she was on about . She is right , it is a beautiful mascara . I do tend to just build up with Step 1 and not use Step 2 , but it is nice to have the opition there . Because with Step 1 the brush is wiped by Step 2 you don't have a messy brush which makes applying really easy . It does add a nice length to my lashes as you can see below (this is just using Step 1) . I'd say give it a go as you may be pleasantly surprised .

Monday, 5 September 2011

Long Time . No See .

So I am truly sorry for the lack of posts over the last week or so . I have excuses though . Works has been super SUPER busy , I've been out & about opening a new store and I AM EXHAUSTED although it has all been totally worth it .

But my holiday is coming around thick and fast with under a week to go , me and the fella are counting down those days . The plan . . . 1. Thursday hit my cousins wedding , where the weather better stay bright and I better remember to take lots of pictures of all the beautiful people ! Then plan 2. Friday fly away to Cyprus for a week , no plans really , just packed cases . The lack of organization here is madness . I have just got my passport back , I have only one bikini and not even any sun lotion .

I did do a little shop on Saturday in Norwich and picked up a few bits .

Sunny Days

Topshop Tan Tile Print Draped Dress
Oasis Natural Stone Earrings

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Gold Deposit 
& Lipstick in Russian Red 
If you do not already own a statement red go buy this one .

I dare say this will be my last post until I am back from the Sun , Sea and Sand , so speak to you all soon loves . I'll be back will lots & loads of piccies ! AND A REAL TAN !

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