Saturday, 26 May 2012

All Things Bright And Beautiful


Ooh what a beautiful morning , Ooh what a beautiful day . What is with this unexpected hottie weather ? Boom sunshine & heat and it has fallen on perfect timing , perfectly perfect . My cousin and her husband had their cuteickle daughters Rihanna & Mia christened this afternoon and the weather was on our side for this super special event . After the church I went a little crazy with the camera and this is what I came up with . Family and friends soaking up the rays ,  pregnant  beauties avoiding the sun , kids having a water fight and everyone filled up with a ton of food and wine , enjoying time together . Happy Saturday .


Monday, 21 May 2012

Find Me


I Sick Face II Laptop Cover Is Here III Pure Lushness For My Ears
 IV Grapefruit Pink Lemonade V Boom LaffyTaffy VI Best Butterfly I've Ever Eaten
VII Fairies In My Room VIII Winter Will Buy These IX Can't Even Explain

Instragram = BonjourBeaut 

I The Top Knot II Will It Ever Stop III FML Diet : [
IV Bedside Pleasure V Free Graze Baby VI That's How We Roll In Suffolk
VII Dino Sweat Hunting VIII Brush Your Peggers IX Keeping It Old Skool


Friday, 18 May 2012

Don't Steal My Limelight

 OPI Rainbow Collection / Essie Funky Limelight 

You'll of seen this glitter polish before (load of times) It's the glittery OPI Rainbow collection polish and I love it . . . I use it 90% of the time on my nails , it's my second bottle so far . I whack it on top of most of my polishes to make them sparkle . I have a few posts using this so if you back log you can see them . Anyway I put these two fitties together and boom ^^^this^^^ is what you get . I purchased the sexy little neon from eBay last week . Sadly it was a mini from a previous mini collection so it's only gonna last like five minutes . I am gonna get on a hunt for some neons , you can get neon greeny yellows all over the place and I am dying to get hold of a pink . Anyone have any to recommend ?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cambridge Dreams


If you know me personal (or of seen my Twitter) then you'll know I would give up air for one of these beautiful bags . The above are my ultimate favourites , the metallics are limited edition and to die for . They obviously comes in more colours, loads in fact . I have wanted and been wishing for one from the Cambridge Satchel Company for the longest time . Sadly my bank balance says purchasing one of these bags is a current NoNo and as much as I want one it ain't happening #SadFace . So I'll just stare at this post forever until one falls into my lap .

Go have a look for yourselves at but don't fall in love unless you've got a hundred quid going spare .

Sunday, 13 May 2012


Woo woo my first proper outfit of the day (OOTD) post and I am pretty chuffed with how it has turned out if I'm honest *BlowingOne'sOwnTrumpet* . I currently rarely post what I am wearing but I am going to try and do lots more OOTD posties for your beautiful eyes . 
I brought this skirt last week from Topshop online and I ♥ it ! It is so snug , giving me a proper perfect booming Kim Kadashian arse #HappyDays . I can't really walk in it but it looks hot so you win some , you lose some .
Anyway It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon , me and the otherhalf popped out for a yummy pub lunch then bummed back home to watch movies (cheesefest) and eat pretzels . 
FYI I am trying so hard to make myself an official Youtuber but I can't work out what the hell I am doing , so without someone who know's how to edit videos offers assistance , I am going no where . But watch this space because it's gonna happen !
Hope you have all had a super weekend and enjoyed the sunshine .

Oversized Jumper - Topshop
Maxi Skirt - Topshop
Earrings - Again Topshop

Pretty Please


And you are all like nooooo not another Mac post . . . well I'm hitting you with another lipstick post : ] because they are so beautiful and your lips deserve the best you can get ! So I was in Norwich over the last bank holiday and first port of call was the Mac counter of course , although I'd already made a little order during the week . I was well behaved though and only brought this one thing (only because they didn't have Creme Cup in stock Grr) . I brought the sexual Pretty Please , a lush little Lustre lipstick , with a few blue flecks floating around in there and lots of shimmer . I don't really have many pinks or shimmery ones in fact . It is so cute ! Pretty pink and muted . Simple as that . 

What's been you cheeky purchase this month ? 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rudimental Feel The Love


I know I have not really been about this week because my camera has gone on a little holiday so no posts until the weekend , big sorry folks . But I do have a offering for you though . . . for the love of god listen to this track . . . I was just getting my cook on in the kitchen listening to radio1 and this came on . My ears are in love . I don't no what it is about this tune but I can't stop smiling the entire way through it . Just have a click and listen . Thank you and happy Thursday .

Monday, 7 May 2012

Zoom Lash

I brought this a while ago and misplaced the photos and just stumbled cross them again so ta dah I am writing this post for you . I received a little sample of this mascara over the Christmas period and totally fell in love with it , I couldn't wait to buy it full size . I was so excited when I finally brought it from the MAC counter . I had two mascaras to use up first before I started using this one . I don't really have much to say about it to be honest , apart from I now hate it with a passion . Why was they sample better than the actual product ?

Sadly I wouldn't repurchase it because . . .
  • The formula is just difficult to apply , as it's a tad thick and sticky
  • It takes a while to dry when applied to the lashes so can smudge everywhere 
  • It makes me lashes look stumpy and clumpy
  • I am just not a fan 
Have you tried any of the MAC mascaras ? Love or hate ? 


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Where Is The End Of The Rainbow ?

If I had a bottomless pit of endless pennies or perhaps a money tree in my garden , I'd hit Topshop hard and I mean hard , I'd wipe them out . I want pretty much everything they currently stock and with payday just around the corner some of my dreams may come true , if I am honest I ordered a few pieces today . Anyway above are just a few of the pieces I'd like to fill my wardrobe with . I didn't dare tally up how much this lot would cost , probably have a mini heart attackAnyone else slightly annoyed at their hugely rising prices ? Everything costs a ruddy mint and it is all slowly draining my funds . 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012



A simple little post showing you my weekend nails , prettyful huh . I got asked how long it took me to do these . . . 5 minutes easy , but hott . So it's a strengthening coat to begin as my nails are flaky and weak after years of acyclic abuse . A nude basis coat because it's bang on trend . Then a glitter to attract the eye then a glassy top coat to finish everything off . Done and that's it .  Hope your all okieee and Happy Tuesday !

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