Sunday, 17 July 2011

Nadine Coyle

I had to share my love for this picture with you all after I saw it in Saturdays The Sun newspaper . 
Nadine's makeup here is absolutely AMAZING with all the purple tones . . . I will be having a go at this look because I am that much in love with it .  

  Nadine Coyle is going to desperate lengths to secure some solo success. The Girls Aloud star was barely recognisable when she played a tiny gig in New York last night, looking more like a strip joint employee than a singer. She underwent a jaw-dropping style overhaul ahead of her show at the Splash club, and it's unlikely many fashion critics will give her sexed-up appearance the thumbs up. Gone were the straight locks, replaced with a voluminous afro and a novelty plastic party hat.



  1. not a fan of her outfit but i love her make up!
    please follow me

  2. Me and a friend were just saying the same thing . All a bit tacky . But cute eyes .

    I've followed love .

    x .


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