Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse 1983 - 2011


So , on Saturday 23rd of July at around 5pm we all started to hear of Amy Winehouse's death , at the age of just 27 . Now at 8.30pm we are being told her death was , yes , due to a drug overdose . This I know has not shocked any of us but I am disgusted by what I am seeing all over the internet about her death and I dare say we will be seeing all kinds of stuff over the next few days . At the end of the day we all knew of her colourful past but she was someones daughter , friend and just a human being .

I will always remember Amy for taking tea and Jaffacakes to a group of paps outside her house one evening , the video on YouTube of her and Pete Doherty playing with baby mice and her hundreds of pairs of ballet pumps .

What Amy Winehouse should be remember for is her amazing music - because that is what she was firstly famous for and she was bloody good at it !
(Ooh and that Beehive and big black liner flick)

Below is my favorite song of Amy's . What is yours ?

Rest In Peace Amy

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