Thursday, 21 July 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I thought it would be highly appropriate to write a post about the Urban Decay Naked Palette . . . It is a be must do and I would not of purchased mine if it was not for the dozens of blogs and YouTube videos I saw raving about it .


Virgin / Sin / Naked / Sidecar / Buck / HalfBaked / Smog / DarkHorse / Toasted / Hustle / Creep / GunMetal

Obviously I love it . . . we all love it . Although you would think a twelve pan , nude , brown and beige palette would be a tad dull , you could not be more wrong . They all blend with each other so beautifully . I can't say enough how much I love using it and I am sure you all feel the same . My other half picked mine up from House Of Fraser for just £32 , great value for all that you get . I know these do tend to sell out pretty quickly but I had no problem getting one . They are available online at House Of Fraser or Debenhams .


The palette also came with the 'Good Karma' eyeshadow brush and a mini eyeshadow primer potion . I had never used the primer potion before but seeing as it was the little extra with the palette I thought I'd give it a go . WOW ! I will never put my makeup on without it ever again ! I usually put my makeup on at about 8am and when I go to take it off at around 9pm its still all in place , not a crease . Amazed . "Potion" . . . a little bit of magic for sure ! I loved it that much I went and brought myself a full-size version for when the mini one runs out . I am not a fan of the old shape bottle because the print rubs off and it's difficult to judge how much is left so I was super happy Urban Decay have rethought the packaging and come out with a new little squeezable tube making life a little easier . Plus 10% extra potion . There are a few new shades of the primer potion but I chose to stick with what I know .

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  1. Congratulations :)Naked palette is like a rite of passage among beauty bloggers and some had to go thru difficult quests before being victorious :)It is a beautiful palette no doubt.


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