Sunday, 10 July 2011

Getting Lucky At Boots

So as I said I was going to do I hit Boots on Saturday in search for the remains of Ruby & Millie and it was pretty bleak to be honest . Most of what was left had finger prints in it (use the testers people) and was all mixed up .


I did get on hands on a Face Gloss in Yellow C20 .
Swatched for you below (on aweful fake tan hand) .


And the best part . . . the brushes are all in a separate section to the Ruby & Millie counter and Boots had failed to mark any of these down in price . I grabbed one and headed to the till , where the cashier scanned it through and it was infact 75% off . Hooray . So I grabbed all I wanted and off I went with a big grin on my face .

So if you are anywhere near Boots in Ipswich GET DOWN THERE NOW .

Melissa . x .

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