Saturday, 23 July 2011

Stella In Two . Peony

So I will be posting on my large perfume collection every now and then and first to make the cut is a Stella McCartney scent . This one has to be my all time favorite after finding it in my cousin chelsea's smellys . It would appear it is no longer available is many perfume and department stores but it is available from eBay and Amazon if you are interested . It is a very wearable scent as the floral makes it easy to wear during the day but also with musky scents from the amber and cedar wood it is wearable in the evening too .


Stella In Two is a delicate, floral and contrasted scent. The top notes are of light and sparkling freshness with pink peony spiced up with black pepper. The base notes are a blend of amber, cedar wood and patchouli, giving a more masculine yet sexy signature.

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow! I`m wearing this today :) The opening on my skin is very floral and then the patchouli takes over.You are right.This is quite sexy. Looove reading perfume reviews


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