Friday, 24 May 2013

MUA Undress Me Too

 photo a6e36dcb-d024-4972-89d0-941e71530b71_zpsec79e5ae.jpg  photo 44285132-463b-4ad0-bf69-6d026593e7c3_zps97759a81.jpg

I am often being reluctantly pulled away from my beloved high end product purchases and pointed in the direction of a good dupe or just generally good, more affordable item by friends, bloggers and youtubers. You get what you pay for is what I have always been taught but is that always the case? 

I saw this palette reviewed somewhere a few months ago, rumoured to be a Urban Decay Naked2 dupe. At the time I thought nothing of it then this week a work colleague mentioned needing a dupe for her Naked2 palette and this popped into my head... by the end of the day I'd made a purchase. 

The product The whole product looks attractive enough, simple sleek white packaging, instead of their usual black, displaying 12 shades. The 12 shades inside are perfect for creating your simple day to day look or creating a smokey eye for a night out. You've got plenty to choose from, there are some beautiful earthy tones in there... with great pigment. They apply easy and smoothly, not as smooth as Urban Decay but for the price they settle well enough. 

MUA vs Urban Decay Urban Decay wins for me, come on the second Naked palette was a right trooper... The new packaging, the shades and the double ended brush.. .it's a legend and cannot be replaced but the MUA palette is a outstanding runner up and a must-have alternative. 

Should you buy it? Why wouldn't you! 12 shadow shades for just £4. It's a stonking little back up as it won't ever let you down. Suitable for everyone so recommend to your friends, they'll thank you for it.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Protector

 photo 31048BE2-771C-441E-86EE-6AE58FFC89D6-5792-0000022272C9D342_zps41ec08b7.jpg  photo CD913DE5-2D3B-4848-B0F6-DFAC197B6B7E-7142-000002B0405A45E9_zps676852a9.jpg

I swatched this twice on Sunday, once in Boots and then once in Debenhams. And then I willingly caved, but only after thinking twice and remembering Debenhams were offering 10% off all beauty and I also had a £5 off thingy on my BeautyCard... making this a steal at £10.40! That's instead of £18. I've heard rants and raves about this product and once the "I've gotta have it because she has it" thought was planted in my head I had know other choice but to make a purchase. 

The product Ooh the smell, it's sweet as you'd expect and like sweet, sweet candy floss. Sticky? Nah, it doesn't feel like your standard gloss, it has movement and doesn't gum your top lip to the bottom. Staying power? It has it... once you've slicked this on to your pout it is staying right there. Ooh and does it look even better on top of your favourite  nude lipstick, you never have an excuse to not be wearing this gloss 24/7. I can see this tube lasting a while and becoming the most battered item at the bottom of my make up bag. 

Am I as addicted as everyone else? Yes, as predicted I fell in love. It's true what they say, it is your lips, just better. Therefore you are topping it up at every opportunity. 

I hear there is a dupe No7 do a dupe version at better than half the price, No7 BB Lips at £8.50. You know Boots are always giving out them pounds off No7 products with your receipts so that makes the dupe maybe worth a look. 

Would I pay £18 for it? I'd hold out for another Debenhams discount. These roll around probably once a month or so, pinch your pennies. But yes I would repurchase, again and again and again... wider colour range need though. Collect your Boots points, find it cheaper online or grab a treat, either way spoil yourself to this Clarins must have. 

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