Saturday, 21 July 2012

Essie Eternal Optimist


I hate having a day off at the weekend and having nothing to do , makes my life seem really dull , so I've had a cheeky power nap with the puppy and now I am currently catching up on Cherry Healey How To Get A Life episodes I've missed over the past few weeks and I've stripped and repainted my nails , they were looking a tad rank .  Take a look at them now . 

As we all know Boots became a stockist of the guilty pleasure polishes by Essie and this was the first one I brought , my first ever full size Essie nail varnish . I've had it a month or two now but just hadn't gotten round to showing it to you .

It's so prettyful . . . The colour is best described as a dusky dirty pink shade , no glitter but looks super with sparkly coat over the top . I love the Essie bottle brushes , the corners are curved for that quick easy application and no mess . I find , like with the other Essies polishes , the polish doesn't chip away , it tends to wears at the edges . Perfect polishes which ever shade you choose .

Have you indulged in cheeky new Essie polishes recently ? 

Sunday, 15 July 2012

RoadTrip Via Instagram


Packing Up II OOTD's III HereiAm Tag UrbanOutfitters
 IV French Face V Review Coming Soon VI GeekFest
VII Vintage Sonic VIII Getting Them RoadTrip Snacks IX New Puppies 

Instragram = BonjourBeaut 

It Must Be Love II Mullion III I'm Rich 
IV Porthleven Ooh Good God FingerPuppets VI Mullion Waterfall  
VII Neppy Tee VIII Point  IX I Hate Goodbyes 


So we just got back from a lush little break in Cornwall . Firstly we headed over to bustling Bristol for a few days to collect our friendlings , while we were there we hit Cabots Circle (Haul Post Coming) , drank a lot and ate until we exploded . We then drove the second half of the drive down to Cornwall . I love Cornwall so much , it's really beautiful and so laid back , we had a great time just hanging out and spending time together . All the pictures above are from our little adventure . Happy Sunday everyone .

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mr. Big


I just had to show you this because I am that in love with it right now . As you'll of maybe spotted in my last post (see below) , there was a statement necklace from Topshop in my wishlist collage . Just after publishing this post , my better half walks in with a little Topshop bag hidden under his coat . . . I love surprise 'I've just brought you a present' presents . . . and inside was that very necklace . How he knew is a mystery to me , maybe the picture I sent him during the week was the clue .

So clearly it's from Topshop , like everything else I own , so sad but so true . It was £16.50 , which I isn't to bad for a chunky statement piece and some of the Topshop jewellery is pricey . I love it ! It's all silver , aztec and beautiful . It has been in store for a little while and I don't no why I just hadn't brought it before but I have it now and in time for my Cornwall trip . Happy days .

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Cornish Dreams

How has everyones week been ? The sun has been shining ☀ and I have been working *sobs* but hopefully you've all been able to enjoy the sun at some point or another . This crazy weather is driving us all nutty , rain one moment then hot sun the next . . . make your mind up ! I am hoping the sun will stay present for the next week or two . . . It's seven beautiful days until my adventure to Cornwall . OMG I realised my love for clotted cream yesterday so I am going to come back fat . Anyway the boy , me and two of our friends are going down to (fingers crossed) sunny Cornwall to eat pasties , see family , just hang out together really and have a good time . We are stopping off in Bristol first to cut the drive in half and start our holiday at our friends . Now I am more than so excited because Bristol obviously has the Cabot Circus shopping centre and that shopping centre holds an American Apparel and an Urban Outfitters ! ! ! I think most probably this is the bit of our holiday that I am most excited about . I can't wait to send my payday pennies and pick up all the goodies I've been wanting all month , I've been poor for the past few weeks and the above are just what I am going to start off with . 

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