Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Ugly Nails

I use to have acrylic nails done every 2-3 weeks without fail for three years . . . But about two months ago I took the leap and took them off .

My lovely friend Bexx's dad gave me some pure acetone from his garden shed (don't do this at home by the way , unless you know what you are doing) and off I set for "The Removal" . It took me ages . Firstly I cut my nails right down , quite abit of the acrylic chipped off . Then I dipped fingertip sized pieces of cotton wool into the acetone , rested the wet piece over the nail then wrapped the nail in square of tin foil . You should leave for 30ish minutes then remove the gooey acylic with an orange stick .


This only worked for me a little so I few days later after giving my fingers a rest , I held my fingertips in a bowl with the remained of the acetone and chipped away again . The thinnest layer of acrylic was left and over the next couple of days it pinged off .


Now I use OPI Nail Envy to try and strengthen my poor little paper thin nails . I can safey say they are getting stronger but not what they were years ago , they are still soft but the Nail Envy hardens them enough that they don't break every time I tap them . I should layer on Nail Envy twice a day but I usually just put it on every other day and it works for me . I also use Avoplex oil by OPI for my cuticles , it's got a nice sweet fruity smell to it . Your OK to put any nail polish over Nail Envy .

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