Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Clinique's Chubby Stick


They are back ! The super lush (not so all that the first time round) Chubby Sticks from Clinique . This time though they are so much better , packing a punch with a much larger choice of lip licking shades , 16 in fact . You have so many to indulge in , from Chunky Cherry to Voluptuous Violet , theres a colour for everyone . So sleek and compact they are perfect for your make up bag or to just throwing in the bottom of your purse . And it is just so moisturising , I put it on an hour later my lips are still soft and covered in colour . This is no tacky , sticky balm . . . it's pure smooth , moveable balm . The only real down side is they don't have any scent *frown* . Yeah I know none of the Clinique products are  scented but this product would have been so unbelievably perfect with a yummy , sticky , jelly smell , I say that would of been a huge selling point , everyone loves a juicy smelling lip product . Either way I can safely say I love these ! By the way the one I've swatched here is Heaping Hazelnut , a nude brown . Which colour next ? 

I actually won this particular Chubby Stick via Twitter . I am a follower of Clinique and happened to see the other day that they were giving a Chubby Stick away a day , such a great way to give back to your followers . All you have to do is go to their Twitter , find their giveaway tweet and tell them your favourite Chubby Stick . . . Simple ! So next time your hoovering over that retweet to win and think ooh I'll never win , hit it as someone has to win , you have nothing to lose : ]

Sunday, 24 June 2012



I lied . . . this would be my OOTD if the weather was on my side . I got these the other week but still haven't worn them because of the , well lets not go into it .  Brits can get a tad touchy about the weather . Anyway these shorts Ooh these shorts . . . I tried them on a number of times (you've probably seen them on my Twitter & Instagram) and never brought them but then I wanted them because they weren't available anymore but the deadly 'last chance to buy' rail came to the rescue . I am confuzzeled though . . . I am a 28 waist in all my Topshop jeans and my trousers are all 10's but these 30 waist hotpant shorts will only just do up , they are tiny but I couldn't just leave them all alone in the store so I brought them home with me . I don't care it there a tad tight , I'll make them fit . . . goodbye pasta and bread : [ I also got a cute piece of oversized knitwear , whipped from the deserted sale rail , £15 (was £32!) boom mine . It is petite but me , my friend and the changing room ladygirl agreed the cropped petite looked better than the normal longer slouchy one . I am sure I am not the only one that sometimes shops the petite & tall section right ? 

Have you nabbed yourself any bargains recently ? There are sales , most rather poor , everywhere . Just to make you aware , Topshop are in sale again : ] Online and instore .

Friday, 15 June 2012



I Rocking My Top Knot II Refresh Breakfast III Home Envy 
 IV From Mel To Bell V Banquet Packing VI Salad Boredom 
VII I'd Marry These Shoes VIII OOTD IX Bed Blues 

Instragram = BonjourBeaut 

I DateNight OOTD II Round Pieces Of Heaven III Light Reading 
IV £6 Bling V Rainy Day Tickets VI Cineworld Home For The Day 
VII Freebie VIII Feed A Drunk IX My Suffolk Girls 


Thursday, 14 June 2012

DateNight OOTD

Me and the boy went out and about for some dinner on datenight this week . We went to the oh so faithful Prezzo for our Italian fix , I ain't gonna lie , my olives were mouldy , how could they : [ Anyway this is what I slouched to dinner in , I am ashamed as this is such a quick lazy thrown together outfit , I just rolled in from work and boom whacked on what I could see . So theres the good old skinnies , oversized knitwear and messy hair . I didn't even take a bag , just lippy in my pocket and my iPhone . 

Jeans - Topshop Baxter 
Jumper - Old Topshop
Scarf - Topshop
Ring - River Island 
Bracelet - Vintage 
Nails - Leighton Denny Supermodel 
Tan - St Moriz : ]

I just can't nail these outfit posts . . . grr . I can't get the right light , no one is ever around to check I am even in the frame and I can't resize these frecking pictures , complete failure . I'll get there , just not right now . 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Free Leighton Denny With Bazaar


Freebie alert With Harper's Bazaar this month is a free full size Leighton Denny nail varnish . There were three shades available as far as I could see . Harper's Bazaar is £4.20 and the polishes rrp at £11+ , bargain . I grabbed the magazine with the 'Supermodel' inside . It is a super glossy chocolate milky colour and is stylish , muted and nude for when ever you like , would be cute with a gold tip .  I love it . . . end of . 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

MAC Lazy Sunday


I got my MAC fix this week while out in Cambridge for a little day trip with my better-half . We had a lovely day planned out but then rain dampened everything . I wanted to adventure around the city but in the end we stuck to the dry Grand Arcade shopping centre , which  was rather impressive and worth a visit . Anyway , Cambridge has a tiny winy MAC store , adjoining John Lewis , I just 'popped' in while passing by and grabbed this little treat for myself . It is from the new Casual Colours collection , all lovely products but not all for me . There are seven other shades to choose from , this one was my fave so in my bag it went . Lazy Sunday is a typical Baby Pink , all bubblegum and sweet . It's a super multi tasker , it can be used as either a cheeky lip colour or a yummy blush or both . Aww 2 in 1 , perfect for your make up bag . . . Thank you MAC ! 

Hope you've all had a beautiful weekend and are finally enjoying the sun and it's shine . Happy Sunday everyone . 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nip + Fab Pistachio Sundae


I first came across this a few day's ago via mooching through some blogs . From what I could see , this product was a pretty spiffing dupe of the Laura Mercier Creme De Pistache Souffle body cream . I always take a dip into the body souffle's when passing a Laura Mercier counter ,  but I've never purchased a jar as they rrp at £45ish , which I personally think is  madness for body butter (not saying I'd never buy it though) . So when I saw this and what it was claimed to be I was like I need it . For £8.49 , it's a product I couldn't refuse trying and off to Boots I went . 

Did it make my skin all kinds of yum ? Yes , it made my skin soft and moisturised and lovely , it does take a minute or two to soak in though . This tube is meant for a Dry Skin Fix but you can use it for any skin type , sometimes just because it is specified for certain skin types doesn't mean you can't use it . 
Did it smell as good as the Laura Mercier version ? Yes , very much but just like the Laura Mercier souffles it is super sweet . The Laura Mercier souffle version does have a strong hit of marzipan , which the Nip + Fab doesn't . So due to that fact , in all honesty I prefer the Nip + Fab version . If offered both , I'd pick Nip + Fab . 
Would I buy it again ? Yes , because of it's certain Laura Mercier qualities and the fact I am a sucker for a yummy body butter I'd pop this one in my basket when I start running low .

I'd advise giving it a go , at around the £8 mark for a really close Laura Mercier dupe (if anything, better) you can't really go wrong , it's a bargain . Good for your skin and your pocket . 

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