Saturday, 14 January 2012

We Can Wish

  1. Topshop Pleated Skirt 
  2. Mulberry Satchel Bag 
  3. Nars Bronzer In Laguna 
  4. YSL Ring 
  5. Topshop APRIL Nubuck Flat Chelsea Boots 
  6. WetSeal Crochet Banded Fedora 

After scanning my way through TheFashionSkeleton's new blog it prompted me to mock up some goodies I am wishing for this month and may be sadly wishing for for a rather long time . It's that time of January . . . where Christmas presents have lost all their original charm and all those old sales just are not enough anymore . We are dying to get our paws on all that New Season stock that is coming our way ! Bring On The Summer ! All I want is FlipFlops and Maxi Dresses .


  1. ugh, that mulberry bag and ysl ring <3


  2. Great bag choice- an absolute classic!!!


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