Monday, 6 February 2012

Real Technique Brushes


Now I have to point out I don't actually have these brushes yet but I thought I'd just put out there how much I want all of these amazing amazing amazing brushes and you should do to . I've seen them used on YouTube and reviewed on different blogs on a number of occasions and have my heart set on them . There are three sets of brushes (base/eyes/finish) and there are also other separate blushes , including an attractive Blush Brush and Kabuki Brush All brushes are designed by the Pro Makeup Artist Samantha Chapman , the wonderful one half on the Pixiwoo sisters . After watching a makeup tutorial earlier today by Tanya Burr , she ever so kindly pointed out that the Retail Technique brush range will soon be available at Boots ! The release date is the 15th of February at select Boots branches and . Join the queue . . . we all want these .

Do you have any Real Technique brushes in your collection ? If so , would you recommend them ? A few free sets would be greatly received .


  1. haha:D everyone raves about them :))
    I'm thinking of getting few as well but still not sure which ones, do you have only these or bought more afterwords? :))

    1. Yeah I did buy all the sets in the end . . . they are amazing ! I will post on them soon so keep your eyes open : ]



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