Friday, 23 March 2012

Sooner Or Later

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Wow my day off has been an extremely lazy one ! I blogged this morning about the groovey little make up sponge I got last week then I headed out with father to take some pictures down the beach then home again to lay on the sofa all day to do nothing but eat sticky toffee pudding and watching Disney movies , I am currently watching Tangled , it is the part where they let of all the lanterns for her birthday then I continue to cry for the rest of the movie #Lame . I need this on DVD . . . When my loverhalf gets home I am going to be in trouble . So theough lusting over goodies all over the internet , these are just a few of the bits I'd like . I already have this watch in RoseGold but I saw it the other week in a shop window in this drop dead amazing new colour so now I want it . Also I sampled the Vitalumiere Aqua from Chanel a while ago and now I am desperate to go get myself the full size version . My bank balance hates me all the time .

Happy Friday all and have a beautiful weekend .

1 comment:

  1. I want that foundation so badly!


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