Thursday, 3 May 2012

Where Is The End Of The Rainbow ?

If I had a bottomless pit of endless pennies or perhaps a money tree in my garden , I'd hit Topshop hard and I mean hard , I'd wipe them out . I want pretty much everything they currently stock and with payday just around the corner some of my dreams may come true , if I am honest I ordered a few pieces today . Anyway above are just a few of the pieces I'd like to fill my wardrobe with . I didn't dare tally up how much this lot would cost , probably have a mini heart attackAnyone else slightly annoyed at their hugely rising prices ? Everything costs a ruddy mint and it is all slowly draining my funds . 


  1. They have such cute clothes!

    Ashton from

  2. Topshop has always been overpriced to me- especially when I worked in Primark and would see clothes that were selling in Topshop for £40-£50 and they were more like £8 in primark.

  3. I absolutely love the current topshop collection too! though it's true that they are a bit ovepriced; I usually wait to buy things online when they're put on sale! xx


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