Saturday, 14 April 2012



I just had to share these with you ! I ordered them the other day after seeing them on Effies blog . I went straight to eBay and purchased myself the cute little pug design . So with much excitement they came in the post a few days later and I was well away . I could not believe how easy these were to apply to the nail . All you have to do is trim around the picture , peel from the card then stick on the nail . Fix with a shiney top coat and your good to go .

* If you have fallen for these bad boys as much as I have you can get them and many other designs from eBay from the super wonderful seller Janchristie . She stocks flower, dog, cat and many other prints . Bonus If you enter "Bonjour Blog" in the message option section when paying you'll get some free samples thrown in , one super ebay seller * 


  1. smugpug is very fond of this! theyre hilarious! xx

  2. These are so adorable!
    I'm off to have a gander at her eBay shop now :D

    Mollie xo

  3. I was tempted by these as well! They're sooo cute :) x

  4. That's amazing! Definately going to check out that ebay store!

  5. Pugs are adorable let alone pug nail art,too cute and adorable! Will defiantley have to buy some of these :D
    Thanks for the inspiration x

  6. OMG!!!! Amazing, pug nails. I am obsessed with pugs I must buy these hehe
    Lovely blog hun!



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