Saturday, 15 September 2012

Essie Sensitivity Base Coat


I am in love with this stuff ! If you back log through my blog you'll see I used to have acrylic nails and since having them removed after 3+ years my nails now are still so weak , flaky and they break all the time . Any form of treatment for my nails is going to help and get them growing so I picked this bottle of goodness up from The Original Factory shop for just £3 ! Bargain . If you Google it you can find it for about £10 . As far as I can see it is no longer available from Essie . 

What it does An hypoallergenic formula for the most sensitive skin. Helps hydrate the nail to prevent peeling and splitting, while providing a smooth surface for nail polish application.

Why I love it My nails are growing and not breaking so now it's the bigger the better . And they are stronger than before , I've noticed they are a lot less brittle and there is barely any peeling .  It holds on to which ever top coat I choose to apply , there is no chipping here : ] This may be my new nail saviour .

Would I buy it again ? Yes , as long as it continues to show signs of benefiting my nails then I'll continue to layer it on .

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