Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

Christmas Time

I wish it was socially expectable to play dress up all day long , I'd strut around all day and night in beautiful sparkly tutu's with big hair and lots of makeup . . . I suppose the cast of The Only Way Is Essex do it 24/7 , so why can't I . My last glittery post got me thinking about all things puff ball and sequins galore . These two make my eyes super happy . Both from Topshop of course and I am in love . I might just get them to wear around the house . 


  1. i absolutely LOVE them both - like to the point of sheer adoration! goddamn i need them in my wardrobe for christmas & birthday xx

  2. Ohh such gorgeous dresses! I wish I had enough occasions to wear such pretty things!x

  3. Love both of them, tutu skirts are my favourite. I'm obsessed with jones&jones at the moment due to this

  4. So pretty, they really are princess dresses :)


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