Sunday, 7 August 2011

So Pretty In The Pink


Katy Perry debuted her new pretty little pink head on Monday while dashing out and about in LA with her other half .
 WOW ! I don't reakon it is going to be staying because Katy has been changing her hair abit lately but I still love it and wanted to see what she does with it . If I could then I would because I think this washed out pink looks amazing , especially with that dress and her skin tone . The problem with bright colour dyes like this are the fade . Secretly we'd all like to try bright pink , red , purple or blue hair but it is just not practical for day to day life .

I also love the below as well . It is not such a big leap and you can add so many colours . It looks so cute on blonde shades which makes it easier to dye , the colour will come out brighter over bleach .


1 comment:

  1. She looks stunning. Looks just perfect on her. Best wishes ♫

    Midnight Couture Girls


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