Sunday, 15 July 2012

RoadTrip Via Instagram


Packing Up II OOTD's III HereiAm Tag UrbanOutfitters
 IV French Face V Review Coming Soon VI GeekFest
VII Vintage Sonic VIII Getting Them RoadTrip Snacks IX New Puppies 

Instragram = BonjourBeaut 

It Must Be Love II Mullion III I'm Rich 
IV Porthleven Ooh Good God FingerPuppets VI Mullion Waterfall  
VII Neppy Tee VIII Point  IX I Hate Goodbyes 


So we just got back from a lush little break in Cornwall . Firstly we headed over to bustling Bristol for a few days to collect our friendlings , while we were there we hit Cabots Circle (Haul Post Coming) , drank a lot and ate until we exploded . We then drove the second half of the drive down to Cornwall . I love Cornwall so much , it's really beautiful and so laid back , we had a great time just hanging out and spending time together . All the pictures above are from our little adventure . Happy Sunday everyone .


  1. Lovely photographs, so so cute! Cornwall sounds fab xxx

  2. Cornwall looks beautiful! lovely photos.


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