Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mr. Big


I just had to show you this because I am that in love with it right now . As you'll of maybe spotted in my last post (see below) , there was a statement necklace from Topshop in my wishlist collage . Just after publishing this post , my better half walks in with a little Topshop bag hidden under his coat . . . I love surprise 'I've just brought you a present' presents . . . and inside was that very necklace . How he knew is a mystery to me , maybe the picture I sent him during the week was the clue .

So clearly it's from Topshop , like everything else I own , so sad but so true . It was £16.50 , which I isn't to bad for a chunky statement piece and some of the Topshop jewellery is pricey . I love it ! It's all silver , aztec and beautiful . It has been in store for a little while and I don't no why I just hadn't brought it before but I have it now and in time for my Cornwall trip . Happy days .


  1. Wow, what a lucky girly you are! This necklace is absolutely incredible! I bet you can't wait to wear it! :) Have a lovely time in Cornwall! xxx

  2. Lovely can I have one too! I wonder if they have a Topshop in Oz?

  3. that's so cute that it was given to you by your 'better-half'!
    It looks amazing on and really suits you.
    I wish we had topshop where i live!

  4. I love it!

    Grace x

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog! This is soo nice, I love statement necklaces!x


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