Friday, 25 November 2011

We Found Love


If you have not already , I strongly recommend you go and see Rihanna when she is in the UK . Me and the boy took a little road trip down to the o2 at the beginning of the month to use the tickets I got for my birthday , best birthday present ever ! I had never been to a gig before so I was pretty nervous , I ain't gonna lie . We were so close to the stage it was unreal , if you are willing to fight for your ground you can get so close . The only let down was that Rihanna came on an hour late but as soon as she came on to that stage my snotty cold and sore feet disappeared . She was unbelieveable ! She done a few of her original hits and a few from the Loud album , she also did We Found Love right at the end as it had just hit the number one spot in the chart . She was so interactive with the crowd , she even grabbed some random guy from the front , threw him on a bed on the middle of the stage and dry humped him senseless , pure filth , there was not a second when she was not touching herself . She also threw a set of her Raybans out when she sang Cheers . AMAZING ! Her outfit changes were super gorge . That girl is waxed to within an inch of her life because everything she wore was so tiny . GO SEE HER .


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