Saturday, 26 November 2011

Umpa Lumpa

n. short, fat girls who wear too much make-up and/or dark, dark orange sunless tanner 

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So the Lovely Jodi from TanGO kindly sent me a TanGO Cloth all the way from down under . Sadly at the time I had just got back from Cyprus so was not in need of my St Moriz . But after faking tanning for the first time last week , I got to use my TanGO and I am eating my own words .

So as stated in My TanGO post a few months ago I had said I have a patch where my bra straps sit and my fake tan stubbornly builds up and sticks to this little area . But This time round I was able to use TanGO to try and budge my tan . With a little scrub the dry patchy fake tan area started to fade . It is also good for softy rubbing around your neck because ruffly scrubbing with a ruff sponge can irritate your neck .
  • TIP - It can get a tad sore when rubbing that same area over and over . With the cloth being so soft it just makes tanning that little bit easier .
States tanGO® creator Jodi Bibra, “I love to use my glove with my favourite shower gel. The wetter your tanGO® tan removal glove the less tan it will remove so you can use it as a blending tool half way through your tan, then squeeze it a little more at the end of your tan to remove build up."

As you can see from above TanGO also now stock a super cute pink glove for the easy of removing your tan . So if you are going to go grab a TanGO I'd grab the new glove , purely because I think the glove would be easier to use because of it's shape and just because it's pink ! If you are serious about your tan then you need to take care if it . . .


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